Alchemy Emperor of the Divine Dao

Chapter 3554: All killed

Chapter 3554: All killed

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“Ling Han, you’re shameless!” Everyone pointed at him, unable to restrain their fury.

A mere native actually dared to toy with them?

Ling Han smiled calmly, and said, “Did you guys have any shame when you were begging to be spared then?”

Everyone’s faces flushed red. Nothing could change the fact that they had knelt for the sake of survival, yet in the end, it was Ling Han that was toying with them, which made them feel angry and embarrassed.

“You guys are right. Contesting for treasures at an ancient site will depend on one’s abilities… and on one’s own destiny!” A cold killing intent appeared on Ling Han’s face. Being continuously hunted down, did they really think that he had no temper?

“Let’s attack together!” someone shouted. “No matter how strong he is, he’s only one person. He can’t be a match for our combined forces!”

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This concerned their own lives, so they naturally all shouted in agreement. They couldn’t escape, so they could only fight with their lives on the line.

Ling Han was unconcerned, crossing his arms behind his back. As long as no one fled, he was in no rush to make a move.

“Kill him, and we can still reap great rewards,” Ma Qiuling said. She was filled with hatred towards Ling Han. After Ling Han had smacked her, not only had she been disfigured, she had even made a great fool of herself.

Peng, she had just finished speaking, when a gust of wind blew over, and poured into her throat. Instantly, she began to cough.

Enshrouded by bad luck, she would choke even if she was just drinking water. “Charge!” A dozen over people immediately joined forces to attack, all of them holding Spirit Tools. Though they were all Mystery Realm Tier-level Spirit Tools, it was just enough to allow them to unleash their full might, making them even more powerful.

Ling Han smiled faintly, and his murderous aura spread out. The dozen over people were all shocked, cold sweat dripping down their bodies. It was as if the person standing in front of them wasn’t a junior in the Inscription Tier, but rather a high and noble True Lord, or even a great elite in the Sect Master level.

Shua, right at this moment, a golden sword flew out. Pu, it had already pierced through the forehead of one of them.

Unfortunately, the golden sword could not turn, and could only continue to shoot out in a straight line, and then hit the mountain rock.

However, Ling Han charged out, brandishing his fists. Peng, peng, peng! It was as if he had transformed into a god of war. As he threw a punch, everyone was

sent flying.

The remaining people hurriedly launched a counterattack as if they had just woken up from a dream.

But it was useless. With Ling Han’s Eye Technique, it was like he was walking on flat ground, and every punch he threw would definitely succeed.

in just a few hours, seven people had already been killed by Ling Han. Some had been obliterated by his fists, while others had been killed by his golden swords.

The others were all terrified. Previously, they could still muster up the courage to go all out in the fight, but when they discovered that fighting all out was ineffective, they naturally lost all their courage, and only had one thought left, and that was to flee.

If so many people ran together, there should be a chance for them to escape.


Everyone turned around, either ascending the mountain, or going back the way they had come. No one dared to face Ling Han’s sharpness again.

Ling Han humphed and activated Absolute Fairness. Instantly, everyone within 30 meters of him was affected, and their cultivation level was reduced to Inscription Tier.

How could they still escape?

Ling Han caught up with them. He started from behind, and hunted them down all the way.

After being reduced to Inscription Tier, which of them would be able to withstand a single strike from Ling Han?

He threw a punch, and in fact, he didn’t even need to hit his opponent head-on. The wind generated by his punch only had to graze his opponent, and it was guaranteed that the latter would die on the spot.

Ling Han was like a demon king, chasing them all the way, leaving behind one corpse after another.

After charging out three thousand meters, there were only three people left ahead of them.

Pa, pa, pa! The legs of those three people all became weak, and they did not even have the strength to take a single step forwards. They all knelt down, their whole bodies trembling endlessly.

Ling Han slowly walked over. His eyes swept over them, and he said, “It is inevitable that there would be fights over treasures in ancient sites, but how could it be that you all merely want treasures? Instead, you all want to kill me. Towards those who want to harm me, I have never been merciful.” “Ah-” A man pounced out, and a ray of light actually flew out from the top of his head, blasting towards the top of Ling Han’s head.

As if completely unguarded, Ling Han actually did not dodge.

“Success!” Ma Qiuling and the remaining person couldn’t help but look pleasantly surprised. They had not thought that they would actually be able to kill this great Demon King.

No one would have thought that the man was actually an elite of Spiritual Power Previously, he had not shown his might all this while, and now, he had suddenly risen in revolt. An attack had suddenly been launched from his head. If it was anyone else, they would not have been on guard, right?

“Haha!” The man who had made a move laughed loudly as well. He had been enduring all this while, and he had finally found a chance.

However, the three of them immediately lost all hope.

That was because though that sword seemed to have stabbed into Ling Han’s forehead, not a single drop of blood flowed out. Upon a closer look, that sword was actually floating above Ling Han’s forehead, and was just a sliver away from hitting him.


Ling Han smiled slightly, “Do you think you are the only one who is an elite in Spiritual Power?”

The three of them had nothing to say. Though the beings in the prison all cultivated Spiritual Power, they could only communicate with high-level energy, and there was not even one in a hundred that could directly control objects.

This was an ability that could only be possessed after they had reached

Celestial Path.

Thus, the person from before could actually use Spiritual Power to control the sword, which was naturally a pleasant surprise. This was a trump card, but who would have thought that Ling Han was also a Grandmaster of Spiritual Power, and could directly use Spiritual Power to capture the flying sword. Of course, this was because the flying sword was ordinary, and not a Spirit Tool like the Heavenly Pattern Jadel. Otherwise, with the strength of Ling Han’s current Spiritual Power, there was no way he could stop something that weighed ten thousand pounds.

Ling Han’s Spiritual Power moved, and he saw that small sword slowly turn its head, the tip of its blade pointing directly at the person who had previously made a move.

Xiu, the small sword flew out, slashing out at that person.

That person wanted to move to parry, but when his hand moved, he released a terrible scream. As it turned out, the bones in his shoulder had been broken by Ling Han, and he could not raise it at all.

-You tried to kill me with your Spiritual Power, and I dispelled it with my own Spiritual Power. Now, I am also using my Spiritual Power to attack you with the sword, and you must similarly use your Spiritual Power to dispel it.

That person gritted his teeth, and hurriedly stimulated his Spiritual Power to intercept it, turning into multiple nets that shot towards the flying sword. However, his expression immediately changed. The speed of this flying sword was too fast, so fast that he could only form four nets.

Pu, pu, pu, pu! Like a hot knife through butter, the flying sword instantly broke through the four webs of Spiritual Power that he had laid out, and sank directly into the top of his head.

This sword was incredibly sharp, and even the bones that the person had tempered five times could not stop its sharpness.

That person’s expression was incredibly strange, as if he was exclaiming in surprise, but also as if he was now freed. With a bang, he collapsed.

The remaining two trembled in fear. Even a Spiritual Power Grandmaster couldn’t do anything to a single hair on Ling Han’s head. What else could they do?

Ling Han threw a punch. Peng! One of them instantly turned into a mist of blood.

Only Ma Qiuling was left.

“Don’t kill me! Don’t kill me!” she said incoherently, “I can give you everything! I can become your servant, I will do whatever you say!

“Disgusting!” Ling Han threw another punch. Peng, Ma Qiuling was also killed. He calmed his emotions, and looked ahead.

He didn’t see any real big fish, such as Hong Tianbu, Jin Yulu, and the elites from the prison and the Sea Race. They were all the people who had appeared at the end of the snake cave, and their abilities were the strongest.

They should all be ahead. Otherwise, after such a long time, they should have walked out of the flower fields by now..

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