Mesmerizing Ghost Doctor

Chapter 3984 Space

Chapter 3984  Space

Seeing her say this, they couldn't say anything more, they just told her to take care of herself and watched her leave. Yôur favorite 𝒏ovels at n/o(v)el/bin(.)com

When she left, Gray Wolf couldn't help but look at Leng Hua and Qi Kang as they asked, ''Just letting the Lady go alone? Will there be any problems? Should we quietly follow?"

"Since the Master said no, then no!"

Du Fan said, looking at the Master who had already disappeared from sight, he turned to them and said, "If the Master goes out alone, with her skills she won't easily let anyone notice her, it will be relatively safer, but it's the little Masters here, there will definitely be quite a few people watching, so we'll just stand guard here and protect the little Masters and them, lest the Master go out and still worry about it. "

Upon hearing this, the crowd looked at each other, before nodding their heads and taking a step inside.

After they left, in one corner, the monk walked out with Buddha beads in his hands, after a slight pause, he also turned around and walked towards the backyard.

Feng Jiu who left the city, has been heading towards the north, she did not walk, but used the flying machine imperial travelling instead, this is only as soon as she left, she is already thinking about the children at home, precisely because she misses them, therefore, she wants to get this done sooner rather than later.

Monk told her that place, is this a hidden sect, it is said to be about two or three days away from this city, even if she has been imperial vehicle, but also have to two or three days before arriving, plus a route is not clear, so the road delay is inevitable.

Mainly, she had to mix into that hidden sect with another identity, which was the more difficult point.

On the first day of travelling with her imperial weapon, the road was calm, nothing happened, and at night, she didn't camp out in the mountains, but instead directly entered the space to rest.

Compared to the cold wind whistling outside at night, the space was warm, spirit energy was abundant, very comfortable.

She came to the side of the spiritual spring, looking at the blooming golden lotus in the water emitting dazzling light, she couldn't help but reveal a smile, believing that it wouldn't take long for Mo Chen to cultivate her immortal body and reappear in front of the world.

The contracted beasts in the space all gathered around, one rubbing against her side with delight, she patted their heads and said, "I'm going to rest first, you guys cultivate more inside, don't be lazy."

"Master, I'm already very strong now." Old White said, in here it sometimes turned into the appearance of a horse, sometimes it turned into the appearance of a white dragon, and as it said, its current strength was not as strong as Cloud Devouring, but it was still considered very strong.

Feng Jiu smiled, glanced at Old White and said, "You can't even compare to the two Cloud Devouring beasts in the space, and you still have the nerve to say you're strong?"

Upon hearing this, Old White immediately wilted, it was a fact that it couldn't compare to Cloud Devouring, but what it didn't expect was that even that female Cloud Devouring Beast couldn't compare to it it couldn't hold its head up somewhat.

That female beast has been cultivating since it entered here, and is still in the middle of cultivation, so desperate, it is normal that it can't compare to it.

The white tiger in Feng Jiu's space had already become a majestic adult tiger beast from the tiny little pet in the past, it listened to Feng Jiu and the old white talking, and lay on its back at Feng Jiu's feet occasionally tilting its head up to look at her.

"Alright, all disperse!" Feng Jiu signalled for them not to disturb her and went to rest first.

The several contracted beasts saw that she was also a little tired, so they went to the other side and did not bother to disturb her to rest.

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