My Wife Longs for Divorce Every Day

Chapter 191:191, Tear the bitch apart by hand

Chapter 191:191, Tear the bitch apart by hand

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“How could you not be interested? Do you want to have a trial first? Have you ever watched ‘Ghost’? In it, Sam and Molly made a pottery under beautiful music. It was so romantic, so aesthetically pleasing, so full of love… Our pottery club also has many handsome guys. Hey, beauty, don’t go yet!”

Su Wanwan quickly left in embarrassment.

It was the day for college clubs to recruit new members. She was beautiful and a fresh face, so wherever she went, there were boys warmly greeting her.

However, she was not interested in them at all. Things like pottery, flower arranging, bamboo carving, go, drama…

She wouldn’t even bother to join any clubs if it wasn’t for the credits.

In the end, Su Wanwan stood in front of the e-sports club’s recruitment table.

“Hi, girl, do you want to join our e-sports club?” the bespectacled senior warmly invited.

Su Wanwan asked, “Do you have any requirements?”

“Do you normally like to play games? Either on PC, or mobile?”

“I play mobile games,” Su Wanwan said decisively, “Arena of Valor, PUBG, Speed Drifters, I can play them all. I rank in the top three in every region. I’m utterly wicked!”

“Wow, that’s great! We have many divisions in our club, you can indicate which one you are more interested in on this form.” Having said that, the senior then called someone, “Shuhao, Jian Shuhao!”

Su Wanwan’s eyelids twitched.

The boy who had been busily writing lifted his head.

Indeed, it was Jian Shuhao.

“This junior is interested in joining our mobile game division. Please serve her…”

“No need,” Su Wanwan interrupted him, “I don’t want to join anymore.” “What?” The senior was surprised.

Su Wanwan turned and left.

“Su Wanwan,” Jian Shuhao caught up with her and directly stood in front of her, “Why did you decide not to join the club? Is it because of me?”

Su Wanwan felt her eyelids twitching more intensely and quickly said, “No.” “Then why? Are you afraid that Lin Qiao will misunderstand?”

Before Su Wanwan could respond, he quickly said, “Then there’s even less reason to worry because Lin Qiao and I have already broken up.”

Su Wanwan paused slightly.

They’ve broken up already?

So soon?

That’s a pretty fragile relationship, isn’t it?

Did they break up because of what happened in the classroom that day?

“Our e-sports club is actually really fun, especially the Arena of Valor division.

We have club activities every week, such as teaming up for battles, team-building at restaurants, and sometimes even scrimmages vs professional teams in 5v5 matches. In fact, next month, the professional Arena of Valor competition will begin, and by then, I’ll also organize everyone to experience it live on site.” After finishing, Jian Shuhao smiled slightly, “So, are you interested in joining the Arena of Valor division?”

Su Wanwan:”…”

What to do? It does sound somewhat tempting.

The ability to eat, play, and earn credits, all while playing a game she excels at…

“Su Wanwan!”

A familiar female voice suddenly rang out from behind.

Su Wanwan turned around and saw Lin Qiao walking towards her with a fierce momentum. Once she arrived, she immediately raised her hand to slap her.

However, Jian Shuhao quickly stopped her.

This made Lin Qiao even angrier. She first looked at Jian Shuhao, then at Su Wanwan, “How dare you, you shameless wench. You’re trying to seduce my boyfriend right in front of everyone! You’ve got no shame! You’re a vixen! Do you not get enough satisfaction from all those old men? You’re nothing but a green tea bitch!”

Her words were too offensive, and Su Wanwan couldn’t help it, she slapped Lin Qiao right across the face.

An “Ah!” of surprise, accompanied by the sound of a crisp slap, echoed simultaneously.

The noisy scene went silent all at once.

Under the scrutiny of all eyes, Lin Qiao covered her face, her rage and shame flared after the initial shock.

Being slapped in public, how could she bear it?

Therefore, she bit her lips and with resentment, lifted her leg to kick Su Wanwan.

The scene immediately devolved into chaos.

Two female students were openly fighting, and while there were many spectators, nobody stopped them. It wasn’t until a stern rebuke resounded, “What are you doing!”Nêww 𝒄hapters will be fully updated at (n)ov(𝒆)l/bin(.)com

“A teacher is here!”

“It’s Professor Su!”

“Professor Su is here…”

Lin Qiao was pulled back by Jian Shuhao, and Su Wanwan took the opportunity to kick her leg again.

As a result, the rebuke became even more severe, “Su Wanwan! You dare to kick again!”

Su Wanwan withdrew her leg and looked at the figure standing on the side – Su Yunrong.

She was dressed in a dark suit, her hair was up, and she was wearing glasses, the standard attire of a professor. She appeared stern and serious.

“This is a school, and you two are girls. You just finished raising the national flag, and now you’re fighting? In front of so many classmates, are you not ashamed?”

“Professor, Su Wanwan hit me first. She even tore my uniform!” Lin Qiao pulled open her uniform to show her.

Two buttons had fallen off, leaving only thread. Her white shirt underneath was creased horribly.

Not to mention her messy hair, the fresh red print of a slap on her face, and the tears of grievance in her eyes…

It was all very convincing.

Su Yunrong immediately turned to Su Wanwan, “What’s going on? School just started, and you’re bullying classmates?”


Su Wanwan looked at her, so angry she laughed, “You don’t even ask for clarification and chose to believe her? This isn’t how a teacher behaves, right? Aunt.”

The word “aunt” not only changed Su Yunrong’s expression, but also astonished everyone around them.

Professor Su is actually Su Wanwan’s aunt?

What a coincidence….

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