Soul Land 5: The Rebirth of Tang San

Chapter 135: Shopping At The Redemption Store

Chapter 135: Shopping At The Redemption Store

With a smile, Tang San said, "We've earned so much money this time. The most important thing for us is to convert this money into strength. We can start preparing for the purchase." ALL new ๐’„hapters ๐’n nov(๐’†)lbin(.)com

"I agree!" Cheng Zicheng immediately raised her hand, her face full of excitement.

Tang San snickered. What girl doesn't like shopping? Girls of all ages are the same in this regard.

"Let's go to the shop!" Du Bai, holding the naturae coins in hand, turned to leave.

Wu Bingji shook his head slightly, saying, "Tang San, what about me? To what extent should I cultivate before going out for experience?"

Tang San looked at Wu Bingji, thought for a moment, and said, "Once you've gotten to the point where you can actually produce ice needles, I think that will be the time."

"Okay!" Wu Bingji nodded without hesitation.

Although his injuries had not fully healed, he had been working hard on controlling the ice element. Thanks to Tang San's guidance, his understanding of the ice element deepened significantly.

"Let's go then, off to the shop. I think the one who's going to be getting rich is Sister Yu," Wu Bingji laughed. [1]

The five of them left Wu Bingji's room. With money in their pockets, they felt confident. Du Bai, leading the way, walked briskly toward the shop managed by Mu Yunyu.

When they arrived at the shop, Mu Yunyu was in the process of tidying up the counter. Seeing the five of them together, she couldn't help but smile and say, "Oh my, oh my, our little tycoons have arrived. What's it going to be? A big purchase today?"

Tang San responded with a chuckle, "Sister Yu, we're here to buy things. Since we're all buying together, could you give us a discount?"

"Discount? No way. Don't think I don't know how much you've earned. Do you still want a discount? Don't you know what envy, jealousy, and hatred mean? Not fleecing you is already very kind of me," Mu Yunyu said with a playful smile.

Du Bai protested, "Sister Yu, you can't do this! If you're like this, we might as well shop in the city. There might be even better things there."

Mu Yunyu was unfazed. "Sure, go ahead! You're free to go. The city has many good things, but the key is whether they're willing to sell to you. Not even all the demons are qualified to shop there, so what makes you think they'd sell things to vassals? You can try it if you want."

Tang San's mind stirred upon hearing this. This was the first time he'd heard this, but it made sense. It seemed that vassals were discriminated against even when it came to purchasing things.

Wu Bingji smiled. "Sister Yu, don't listen to Du Bai's nonsense. We'll start picking out what we need." While speaking, he gave the others a telling look.

Mu Yunyu, very composed, said, "Go ahead. Note down whatever you fancy, and come to settle the bill together at the end. You can get the items in batches."

Many treasures needed special care; taking them all at once could result in major losses in effectiveness. Her offer for them to collect items in batches meant that she agreed to store the purchased items for them unconditionally.

The five didn't say much more and immediately started selecting items.

The shop had a wide variety of items. They had all been here before, but when it came to buying, Wu Bingji, the eldest senior brother, was the only one with actual experience. His savings were substantial, so he had shopped here a few times. Gu Li had also bought things once or twice. As for Du Bai, Tang San, and Cheng Zicheng, this was their first purchase.

Du Bai and Gu Li usually received more care due to their exceptional talents. Their ability to evolve was crucial for the academy, which naturally led to an allotment bias toward them. However, some of the precious items in the shop had been acquired at a significant cost, and the academy couldn't just give them away, especially since the two students hadn't made breakthroughs in years.

Mu Yunyu said, "If you need any recommendations from a teacher, come find me."

Seeing the five of them, she felt delighted. She was well aware that the total earnings of these five exceeded twenty naturae coins, as the two Winged Tigers they had hunted down were extremely valuable. That one inner core alone was probably more than five naturae coins.

"Oh, right. The second batch of students going for the hunting experience will depart tomorrow. Again, five people. And after they return, there will be a third batch. You're conveniently divided into three groups. So, if you see something good, hurry up and buy it before others return and grab it. Some items in my shop are unique, and once they're gone, they're gone."

While Tang San browsed the display case, he couldn't help but smile at Mu Yunyu's sales tactics, which were quite ordinary. Setting aside the high value of the items here, considering the earnings, could the second group of students going for the beast-hunting achieve the same gain as them? It seemed highly unlikely.

Du Bai's lack of combat power meant that their group was practically one member short when it came to battles, but that was compensated by the sixth-order Wu Bingji. Tang San himself had played a crucial role, and so had Gu Li's Chrono Croc Transformation. Cheng Zicheng's reconnaissance support and Du Bai's luck enhancement were also very important. As for the leaders of the other two groups, they were only at the fifth order, and the groups' overall abilities were also weaker than Tang San's group. Most importantly, how could they possibly make such incredible gains without Tang San?

Tang San had already planned what to buy. After carefully looking around during his last visit, he had noted some precious items that suited him.

He quickly selected his desired items, noted their numbers, and walked back to Mu Yunyu.

"Sister Yu, I want these items," Tang San said, handing over the numbers he had recorded to Mu Yunyu.

Mu Yunyu checked the list against her inventory, quickly jotting down what Tang San wanted.

After transcribing the full list, she couldn't help but express surprise. "What are these items you're getting? The Dragon Tendon Fruit is quite suitable for refining meridians. You're pretty generous. This single Dragon Tendon Fruit is worth one naturae coin! But what use do you have for this Green Jade Vine? It's just a low-level demonic beast, we use it for binding things. Are you buying it for rope? It moves on its own, you know? It's not stable at all!

"And this, what do you need this for? Sharp Crystal Gold? What use do you have for this rare metal? It can't even be used as demonshard coins, as it contains no inherent energy. And this Black Crow Stone. What's the use of that? And you're buying so much of it. It might be hard, but it also contains no energy. Do you have too much money? Are your palms itching?"

Listening to Mu Yunyu's string of reprimands, Tang San couldn't help but show a wry smile. "Sister Yu, I do have a use for them."

"What use? With the amount you're buying, these four items together will cost two naturae coins. Do you even know what Sharp Crystal Gold is used for? This is the least useful of them. Women use it for jewelry. Demons use it as a gemstone because it has a beautiful color and a nice luster. Basically, it's just popular and expensive due to its scarcity, not because it has any incredible properties. What does a boy like you want with it? Are you planning to make jewelry for a girl? Have you taken a fancy to Cheng Zicheng?"

"I..." Tang San didn't know what to say. He knew Mu Yunyu meant well, but he indeed had a use for these items!

"Ah? Do you have a crush on me? No way, Tang San, I don't like younger guys. Don't even think about it. Get that idea out of your head!" Cheng Zicheng, with her sharp ears, overheard the conversation and immediately rejected him without hesitation.

But then, remembering Tang San's good qualities, she added, "Tang San, I know you're a good person, but we're still young. We should focus on cultivating and studying."

Tang San's mouth twitched slightly. What the hell, am I getting a 'nice guy' tag now?

1. Yes, they are calling their teacher Sister Yu in an effort to look cute. โ˜œ

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