Taking the Mafia to the Magic World

Chapter 741 Arriving in the Kingdom of Eternal Dawn

Chapter 741 Arriving in the Kingdom of Eternal Dawn

"The survivors of the Congregation of Revelations have fled south, from what my group has heard. So the Awakening Temples that are functioning are mostly in the southwest of the continent. That area was chosen to host the organization's new headquarters," the 5th stage peacock said to the group, bringing this information that they all needed.",

"Oh? In the southwest?" Rory opened his mouth, understanding the motivations of the survivors of Layla's religion.

The south of the continent was the weakest area of the Polaris Realm. But within the southern region, the south-easternmost part, where Seidel Kingdom was located, was the weakest. Meanwhile, the area to the southwest was the strongest.

"So that's the case..." Vicente's eyes narrowed at this information.

After a few minutes, the two groups split up, each heading in different directions, both better informed than they had been earlier.

"What do we do now?" Sarah asked as the group headed back on their way, which, after another 16 days, would put them where Torne planned to go.

Vicente replied. "It might be interesting for us to activate an Awakening Altar in Trevora Kingdom, and another in the Kingdom of Eternal Dawn. Since we're going to pass through these states, let's help their people awaken their powers and also leave them something to protect themselves."

"Do you plan to help these people?" Lauren asked in a selfish tone.

Torne gave his opinion before Vicente said anything. "As much as it will cost us time, building something similar to a metal city in these two kingdoms, at the most sensitive points in their territories, could help us more than going directly to Seidel Kingdom.

With excellent defenses and the possibility of counter-attacking monsters, the population in these areas will resist enemies better, which will invariably make the south safer. If we want to keep the southern domains less dangerous than the north of the continent, we'll have to do something."

Rory clenched his fists and agreed. "That could be the start of the counter-attack. Let's go for it. As dangerous as it will be, it's the best we have at our disposal."

They agreed, but until they had a chance to start this, they had about a month or a month and a half of travel ahead of them!


After the conversation with beasts from The Pure Enclave, Vicente's group dealt with a few problems on their way, but nothing that could put them in great danger.

They had evaded their pursuers investigating the destroyers of Nixlas' Shadows, having reached a point in their journey where it would be impossible for any vampire to come across them and say that they were responsible for it.

They could, of course, come across vampires at any time. Many of these creatures were scattered across the continent, carrying out their own missions, commanding monsters, and much more.

But that wouldn't happen during their departure from The Pure Enclave and their passage through The Hungry Canyon.

With Torne's help and the maps Vicente had collected from secret Cataclysm Order altars, the group would find the secret location they planned to stop at in The Hungry Canyon 14 days after their encounter with the group of 5th stage beasts.

On that day, they would find a sealed place, still containing high-quality resources and artifacts, with even 5th grade things available for them to pick up.

The group would stay in this place for 2 days, both to rest and for Vicente to prepare some sentient robotic armor he would leave there to manage the place for him.

According to Torne, Vicente should be able to activate 5 to 6 altars simultaneously. With the ghost's help, they could reach 10 altars.

Before the site in The Hungry Canyon, Vicente had 4 such sites. As there were other altars in Trevora Kingdom and the Kingdom of Eternal Dawn, he intended to use all these stations to help the young population of these areas awaken their powers.

Nobody knew that this possibility existed. But on his way through those two kingdoms, Vicente was planning to visit the largest remaining cities and pay people to publicize their altars.

Having the Cataclysm Moon Pendant with him, he could activate these altars at his disposal daily, even if he wasn't at any of the altars!

Finally, after passing this secret outpost in The Hungry Canyon, the group continued their journey south, entering the Kingdom of Eternal Dawn a few days after passing the secret altar.

However, they would have to travel a few weeks into this territory before they found human communities resisting the monsters!


Just over 5 weeks after the group's decision to go to Trevora Kingdom and the Kingdom of Eternal Dawn to help establish defenses in these areas, the group was currently arriving at the first large human settlement on their way.

Upon arriving about 30 kilometers away from the city where over 300,000 people were living, cowering and frightened in that area, Vicente's group came across a situation common around the continent in recent times.

In that area a few kilometers away from the city, many monstrous creatures were roaming the land as if they owned the area. Meanwhile, 4th stage magicians were moving around as quietly as they could, trying to take down enemies and escape back to the city after their resource collections nearby.

Amid this movement, some obviously couldn't get away from all the trouble and had to fight off monsters trying to kill them!

Vicente and his group were seeing just that happen, as a 4th stage Lamia chased after a group of 3 Sky Sovereigns.Thê sourc𝗲 of this content n/o/v/(𝒆l)bi((n))

Seeing that creature coming close to killing the 3 men fleeing desperately, Vicente moved in, forming powerful spears with the metallic minerals nearby and attacking that creature without hesitation.

Just as it was about to strike those weak individuals, the creature in its hideous form felt something penetrate its heart, wounding it not only physically, but even reaching its soul.

It let out a high-pitched scream before falling, dying with just one movement of Vicente's fingers.

"Friends from the Kingdom of Eternal Dawn, can you help me with something?" Vicente appeared behind Lamia's body, while the three men, now lying on the ground, looked at him with gratitude in their eyes.

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